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ConGRADulations! Your student has grown and matured and is now graduating

Honor Cord Guidelines

Below is the list of guidelines that my mom and I created when we were starting out and doing all of our research. However, as homeschool parents YOU are the one in charge of your child’s education and therefore you can determine your own color and requirements.

College Credit

Royal Blue

Completing college classes that result in

earning college credit

Community Service


100+ Hours of Community Service


250+ Hours of Community Service



Minimum of 4 credits (total 8 English classes)

- GPA 3.5 -


Red, White & Blue

Minimum of 2 credits earned in business classes*

- GPA 3.3 - *Computer classes may be counted but job

experience may not

Fine Arts

Forest Green

Art: Minimum of 3 art credits (a total of 6 classes) -

GPA: 3.3 - High school level classes such as: painting,

drawing, design, fashion design, comic  illustration,

jewelry design, pottery/sculpture and 1 year of Visual

Imaging Technology

Music: Active in a band, vocal, choir or instrumental

music program for 4 years - GPA 3.3 -


Pale Blue

Awarded to seniors who complete 4 years of a college-

prep mathematics program  (Algebra I, Geometry,

Advanced Algebra (II), Pre-Calculus and/or Calculus)*

- GPA 3.3 -

*Only those courses listed above and taken during the

high school years shall be used to calculate the GPA



- GPA 3.5 -

**There is a chapter of the National Honor Society for

homeschoolers, Eta Sigma Alpha. The requirements for

can be found online


Navy Blue & Gold

Outstanding work in journalism – create your own




Minimum of 4 years of science with at least 2 of the

following classes taken: CP Chemistry, AP Chemistry,

Honors Chemistry, CP Physics, Anatomy & Physiology 

- GPA 3.3 -

Social Studies

Navy Blue

Minimum of 4 credits (8 classes) Possible classes: US

History (1 yr), Government, World History (1 yr),

Sociology,  Psychology, AP History, AP Government

- GPA 3.3 -



Minimum of 3 credits of technology courses - GPA 3.3 -

Shown leadership and understanding in the particular

field of study Technology classes: Modular Technology,

Drafting, Video, Photography

World Languages


Minimum of 4 years of the same Foreign Language

 - GPA 3.3 -



A parent requested cord - for a child who persevered

and made to graduation



A parent requested cord - for a child who has

participated in ROTC or Civil Air Patrol

Honor Cord Guidelines