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Our Story

Home School Grad Stuff started as a question which quickly became a concept and a reality during my senior year of highschool. As I was approching my graduation I asked my parents the question “Why don’t we homeschoolers get any relgalia for all of our hardwork? We work just as hard if not harder then the public and private school students do.” Seeing as my parents did not have an answer to this it started a research project for my mother and I. We began by researching both public and private schools and seeing what they offered to their students. Then we went looking for and creating a list of “guidelines” for the different class subjects - as well as creating some for cords only offered to homeschoolers (such as our community service and duel enrollment cords).
Once that was done we started working on colors, which meant locating wholesalers and seeing what colors they offered. Then we simply matched the colors and the guidelines up. As Mom and I talked through it all - I decided that I wanted to take all of this research and truly make it into a business - I decided that by selling honor cords to homeschooled students I could give parents a chance to honor their student for all of their hard work. I am proud to say that the business has truly taken off and we now offer - not only honor cords, but stoles, medallions and tassels as well. We are currently in the process of trying to add caps and gowns to our product list. We couldn’t have gotten this far without all the homeschoolers out there supporting us and giving us ideas for new products. If you see a cord your child has earned but aren’t really a fan of the color please feel free to email me and we can see what I can do. I’m always open to researching cords for special orders and even new products - some of our cords were suggestions from parents just like you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, etc.
ConGRADulations! Your student has grown and matured and is now graduating